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Welcome to the Amed Bucu Bungalows in East Bali !

Amed Bucu is situated within the Karangasem 

regency at the beginning of the Amed Village, at

the corner on the left hand side (bucu means 'corner' 

in Balinese) after you have passed the first bridge 

coming from Culik.

One of the most beautiful and pristine areas on the Island (only a 2 hrs car drive from the South) renowned for its spectacular beauty, stunning sunrises, panoramic views combined with exquisite local cuisine, world famous divie sites, snorkeling from the beach, trekking/hiking in the terraced hillside areas, deep sea fishing or boating to the famous Gili Islands or Lombok.

Experience and enjoy the authentic Balinese village lifestyle - guaranteed a different holiday at the natural and serene East Coast of Bali ! 

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